Triple Crown Natural Rice Bran Supplement

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Size: 40#

Developed for underweight and hard working performance horses, Triple Crown Naturals Rice Bran is a GMO free, high fat supplement that provides additional calories to horses requiring more energy without the hyperactivity associated with high sugar and starch diets. This stabilized, extruded pellet features an organic, plant-based calcium that produces a buffering effect to support gastric health and is fortified with five added amino acids to improve protein synthesis and help develop a stronger top line. As a high fat supplement, Rice Bran naturally delivers an excellent source of essential fatty acids which are necessary for healthy skin and quality coat condition.

  • IDEAL FOR: Mature horses, underweight horses, performance horses
  • FEATURES: GMO free, gastric buffering, extended amino acid profile
  • HELPS SUPPORT: Strong top line, healthy skin & coat, calorie supplementation

Additional Information

  • Protein - 13.00%
  • Fat - 17.00%
  • Fiber - 12.50%

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