Are you looking for a vet, farrier, farm sitter or someone to help out around the farm? Look below to find local businesses and people who can help you out!

Polaris Equine Mobile Veternarian

Our practice is based in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Polaris Equine was created to better serve the horse populations for owners living south of I-40 and I-85, between Raleigh and Greensboro. As a mobile clinic with advanced portable diagnostics, we can provide all of your primary veterinary needs from the comfort of your own stables and paddocks. We pride ourselves on delivering stellar care to all equids, from your humble donkey to your star athlete.

We even have a convenient, drop box located at the end of the horse aisle at Pittsboro Feed!

Chatham Equipment Services

Hey everyone, my name is Trevor! I started Chatham Equipment Services to provide a quality mobile repair business that saves you time and money. I started power equipment repair in 1998 and have seen how the industry works from many aspects. I wanted to find a way to eliminate many of the hassles that people face when they need something repaired or serviced. This is what brought me to mobile service as well as a pick up delivery option for those who prefer it. I have experience with a wide range of equipment such as ATV's, mowers, tractors and 2cycle equipment. Contact us today by phone at (919) 418-3466 or by email at to see how we can keep your equipment up and running.

Searching for the right person for the job? Find them below:

- Polaris Equine Mobile Veternarian, Dr. Stephanie Freese: 919-429-9492 or

- Ascend Equine, Dr. Lauren Zappitelli: 919-525-5465 or

- 3H Vet, Dr. Fernando Cardenas: 919-363-1686 or

- Chatham County Mobile Vet, Dr. Natalie Cochrane: 919-239-9362 or

- Summit Equine Hospital, Dr. Jim Maxwell: 919-362-8879 or

- Performance Equine Veterinary, Dr. Lynn Gomes: 919-434-8028 or

- Maple Ridge Mobile Vet, Dr. Laura Smith: 919-452-4931 or

- Triangle Equine Mobile Veterinary, Dr. Jennifer Patterson: 919-460-6300 or

- Neuse River Equine Hospital: 919-365-6044 or

- Sonshyne Farrier Service, Mark Steele: 919-339-0858

- Zack Holland: 919-219-2761

- David Crowder: 919-796-1216

- Matt Brewer: 252-245-1207

- Carla Ball Balanced Horse: 919-225-8657 or

- Pennington Farrier, Robert Pennington (Junior): 252-567-1492

- Kelvin Pope: 904-864-4891

- Remount Horsemanship, Richard Schouten: 919-200-1568 or

- Carbon Copy Equestrian: 919-868-6066

- Peak Horse Farm (western): 919-714-3006

- Hoofbeats in Harmony Horsemanship: 919-760-9266 or

- Santiago Arenas: 919-363-1686

- Excelsior Equine, Sporthorse Foundations & Mobile Training: 832-803-3012 or

- IVMS Equine, Dr. Jennifer Godman: Use the contact page,

- Triangle Equine Mobile Veterinary, Dr. Jennifer Patterson: 919-460-6300 or

- Elite Equine Mobile Dentistry, Dr. Tracy Tinsley: 919-593-2696 or

- Elaine Means Equine Dentistry, Dr. Elaine Means: 919-579-0927 or

- Taylor Mobile Veterinary Dentistry, Dr. Brian Taylor: 336-998-2253 or

- Triangle Equine Mobile Veterinary, Dr. Jennifer Patterson: 919-460-6300 or

- Iron Horse Equine Services, Dr. Fred Faragalla: 208-631-7812 or

- 3H Vet, Dr. Fernando Cardenas: 919-363-1686 or

- Summit Equine Hospital, Dr. Jim Maxwell: 919-362-8879 or

- Leslie Tetrick: 301-676-2435 or

- Cynthia George: 919-422-1409

- Winning Waves, Kylee Harris: (919-810-5485 or

- Unwind Equine: 919-696-1557 or

- Mebane Equine Bodyworks, Tara Mebane: 336-264-6660 or

- CV Dressage, Courtney Vesel: 919-607-1883 or

- Carolyn Byrd: 919-621-2630

- Top Flight Sports Massage, Angela Brown: 919-698-6329

- Bodywork by Stacy: 919-709-5785 or

- Winning Waves, Kylee Harris: (919-810-5485 or

- CV Dressage, Courtney Vesel: 919-607-1883 or

- Equine Sheath Shine, Ashley Robbins: 252-714-0715 or

- CV Dressage, Courtney Vesel: 919-607-1883

- IC You Photography, Claudia Powell: or on Facebook Messenger

- RWP Photography, Rachel Weaver: Use contact form at or

- Tedi Vail, Tedi Vail Realty Specializing in Equine Property & Farms: 919-623-4797, or

- Jodi Stanner, Specializing in Equine Properties, Farms & Land: 919-280-4698 or

- AgSouth Farm Credit, 110 E Beaver St, Siler City, NC 27344: (919) 742-2189 or

- Hoof Print Construction, Gil Simmers: 919-427-0090 or

- Royal "T" Farms: 757-775-8578 or

- BC Carpentry, Bryan Niles: 757-717-115

- Marc Reynolds: 919-818-6894

- Triple J Landscaping: 919-339-0433 or

- Unicorn Express Animal Transport:

- Triple J Landscaping: 919-339-0433 or

- Savannah's Barn Cleaning: 910-690-8571

- Worth More Outdoors, Collin Loman (pressure washing): 984-265-0602 or

- Wayne Morelli: 919-638-9953

- Triple J Landscaping: 919-339-0433 or

- More Than a Horse Keepsakes:

- Crescent Moon Healing Practices (equine reki): 843-813-4526 or

- Triple J Landscaping: 919-339-0433 or

*Pittsboro Feed has not vetted the people on the list above. All of the people have either been recommended from like-minded people, found on Google or from some other source. Pittsboro Feed is not responsible for services performed or goods purchased.*

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