Getting Started

Our local, home delivery service is a great way for you to get your animals' feed and supplies delivered to your house if you're struggling to find time to make it to the feed store. Our delivery fee starts at $4 with no minimums. Read below to learn more.

Step 1: Finding Your Route Day

Here you will find a map of the route days for your town. If your town splits across the borders of another day or we visit your town multiple times a week please contact us about your route day. There is a map to show our route days and a fee schedule for our deliveries.

Click here to view a downloadable map of all three zones the zip codes.

If you are trying to find if your farm is within our delivery limits or which delivery zone you are located in, here is an easy way to find out:

  • Put 1 item in your cart from under the “Shop Menu Button”
    It will automatically open the cart for you
  • To start the checkout process, click “Checkout” (this will not charge your card)
  • It will prompt you to create “Customer Account”
  • Fill in your “Shipping Address and Phone Number”
  • Click “Continue to Shipping,” this will either populate your Delivery Zone Fee under “Local Delivery” or “This order can’t be shipped to the address you entered. Review your address to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly and try again.”

Step 2: Placing Your Order

Placing an order is fast and easy using the "shop" tab in the menu bar and searching through products to add to your cart. Once you start the checkout process, you will find out which designated delivery zone you are in based on zip code.

Please make sure you are placing by 11:59pm on the night prior to ensure your order is on our delivery truck.

  • Monday Route Day Orders Due By: Sundays at 11:59pm
  • Tuesday Route Day Orders Due By: Mondays at 11:59pm
  • Wednesday Route Day Orders Due By: Tuesdays at 11:59pm
  • Thursday Route Day Orders Due By: Wednesdays at 11:59pm
  • Friday Route Day Orders Due By: Thursdays at 11:59pm

PLEASE NOTE: You will always receive an email confirmation with your order once you place it.

Our delivery routes are meant to be weekly or bi-weekly home deliveries. Our delivery fee starts at $4. You can find the delivery fees based on dollars spent below:

Delivery within the listed zip codes:

  • $0 - $349 = $4 delivery fee
  • $350 - $699 = $12 delivery fee
  • $700 and over = $24 delivery fee

27207, 27252, 27312, 27330, 27344, 27502, 27510, 27516, 27517, 27523, 27559, 27562

Delivery within the listed zip codes:

  • $0 - $349 = $7 delivery fee
  • $350 - $699 = $14 delivery fee
  • $700 and over = $34 delivery fee

27208, 27243, 27253, 27278, 27298, 27332, 27340, 27349, 27355, 27505, 27514, 27519, 27526, 27539, 27540, 27560, 27701, 27705, 27707, 27709, 27713, 27511, 27513, 27518, 27529, 27545, 27601, 27603, 27604, 27605, 27606, 27607, 27608, 27609, 27610, 27612, 27615, 27616

Delivery within the listed zip codes:

  • $0 - $349 = $12 delivery fee
  • $350 - $699 = $20 delivery fee
  • $700 and over = $40 delivery fee

27501, 27520, 27522, 27527, 27571, 27587, 27591, 27592, 27596, 27597, 27613, 27614, 27617, 27703, 27704

Step 3: Get A Weekly Delivery Reminder

Apart from the ease and convenience of our delivery service, we will also send you a reminder text two days prior to your route day for delivery. To route our deliveries efficiently, we will need your order by 11:59pm on the night before your delivery.

Our texting reminder system will send you a text message two days in advance and a text message one day prior regardless if you have or haven’t placed an order with us.

If you are new and when you place an order, we will automatically place you on the list to send you a reminder. If you're looking to get on the list before your first order, please click the button below.

Did you already place your order, but forgot to add something?

We kindly remind you to review your order for the week and ensure that all desired items have been included. In the event that you have overlooked an item and there is still time prior to your order deadline, please place a second order but utilize the code ADDITIONAL-DELIVERY during checkout to save on the delivery fee. However, please note that should it come to our attention that the code has been used in error, resulting in a waived delivery fee, we will be unable to fulfill the order.

Questions about our delivery service?