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Our Story

Ever wonder about the back story of the people behind the counter, works in the warehouse or delivering your feed from Pittsboro Feed? Meet the David & Christine and their family who started Pittsboro Feed & Pittsboro Pet Supply.

Hello friends & Welcome to Pittsboro Feed

We're so happy you made it to our website and found interest in getting to know us a little better. Well, we are the Miller family and we are so blessed to be part of agriculture our entire lives. From growing up on farms, our first jobs of working in a feed store or driving semi-trucks with feed in them to now owning our own store. Both David & Christine purchased their first store in 1992 in a little town called Highland, Michigan called Highland Feed & Water. We owned & operated and our children grew up that store until November of 2005 (our family friends still own that store to this day).

As you may know, it gets a little chilly in Michigan throughout the winter months so we decided to pack up and move to Pittsboro, North Carolina where we purchased another small store called Pittsboro Farm & Garden. Over the next 10 years, we outgrew that little store and decided to open a secondary store right across the street called Pittsboro Pet Supply in December of 2015.

Meet the Miller Family

Having the three kids growing up in the store has been so much fun. Watching them grow up in the feed stores by riding their bicycles, helping our customers and learning many different lessons is why we do this. Our family has grown from the three kids to now a son/brother-in-law and a grandson (the Holland's).

Pictured from left to right: Josh, David, Christine, Katherine, Kara, Emmett, & Peyton.

Meet the owner, David Miller

David has always worked in the world of agriculture. ALWAYS. He started at the very young age of working on his grandparents farm. Grandpa Geil was always boasting of his extreme hay stacking skills. (No favoritism there). He worked late evening hours after his regular job plowing fields preparing them for planting. The majority of his time was spent at Rochester Elevator which he started at the age of 18. It was at that job that Lawrence Smith kindly suggested that he should “spread his wings” and go out on his own. With much support and guidance from Lawrence that is what they did. Highland Feed was purchased in 1992. After many Michigan winters Christine and David decided to move south, Pittsboro Feed was purchased in 2005. Fun fact about David, he has never ever been interviewed for a job, and if you come in for a visit, ask him about his hats.

Meet the owner, Christine Miller

Christine has been in love with agriculture since the age of 8. One would think that it is not possible for one to know at that age, but she would kindly disagree. Christine’s father took her to their local “feed store” when she was just a young girl to get rabbit pellets for her pet bunny. The smell, the environment, and the lifestyle is one she never forgot. Fast forward to her desire to work in the agricultural industry, times were different back then. She ended up graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Elevator and Farm Supply. During her college internship at Oxford Cooperative Elevator she met David, and knew from day one that he was the one. After getting married they decided to purchase Highland Feed in Michigan in 1992.Tired of the cold Michigan winters they decided to move south but continue what they loved. Pittsboro Feed was purchased in 2005, and continues to thrive with the help of their now grown children and the best staff around.

Meet Josh Miller

When Josh was one-month old, David & Christine bought their first farm supply store. His entire life has been in the industry; from riding my bicycle around the store when he was young, to now helping people find the correct nutritional plan for their animals to perform their best!

Outside of work, he likes to try new, local restaurants (I'm a sucker for a good burger), hang out with friends & family, fly drones and play with his two dogs (pictured below)!

Meet Randy

He's been at Pittsboro Feed for over 22 years! Outside of work, he enjoys riding four-wheelers, working around the house, traveling North Carolina, hanging out with his family, and perfecting his famous BBQ sauce. With his experience and zest for life, Randy is an invaluable member of the team!

Meet Libby

When she's not glued to her TV for a good binge-watch session, she's out shopping at Target, trying out new local breweries (she hasn't found a favorite yet) with her friends or playing with her furry best friend, Juno. She also loves vacationing at the beach with her family. She loves cooking at home and trying fun new recipes. She approaches every experience with a contagious enthusiasm that's sure to make anyone's day brighter!

Meet Travis

Travis is a true outdoorsman who loves spending time with his friends and family. He’s always up for a project around the house, especially if it involves construction. When he’s not working or spending time with loved ones, you can find him at the shooting range or trying out new breweries. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Travis loves all types of cuisine, from classic comfort food to exotic dishes from around the world. And of course, he’s a sucker for a classic car.

Meet Michael

He's a passionate employee who loves the great outdoors. When he's not working, you can find him hunting in the woods, casting his line in the nearest stream, or shooting clays with his buddies. He enjoys spending time with his friends, whether it's for a backyard bbq or a bonfire. He also makes sure to stay in shape by hitting the gym regularly for a good workout. With his adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors, he brings a unique perspective to the team.

Meet Abi

She's a talented employee with a love for playing softball and coaching younger kids in softball, a passion for healthcare, a fondness for music, and a weakness for shopping. With her diverse interests and driven personality, Abi brings a dynamic energy to the team.

Meet Madison

She's a talented artist who finds joy in drawing, spending time with her pets, baking and trying new things, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach. With her artistic flair and friendly personality, Madison brings a vibrant energy to the workplace!

Meet Ryan

Ryan is a passionate barrel racer with a deep love for horses. Growing up in Ohio, she shares her life with her three horses, Angel, Reign, and Legaci. When not competing in barrel races, she cherishes time spent with friends and family, enjoying Mexican food since it’s the best.

Meet Stella & Nova

  • Stella (red dog): I was born in January of 2015 and came from Farm Friends Rescue in Chatham County, North Carolina. I am a lab, cattle dog mix. I love to come out and visit everyone's farm. Some of my favorite memories include driving across the country to the Hoover Dam and visiting the North Carolina mountains with my dad. You can find me hanging around Josh, sun-bathing in the yard or with anyone that has food. I love all the treats!
  • Nova (black dog): I was born in September of 2021 to a friend in Pittsboro and I was the last of the litter to be adopted. I may be a tiny Australian cattle dog (blue heeler), but I love to play. I can keep going with the best of them and jump about six feet high. I also love the water, hanging around Josh, bothering my sister and definitely finding the person who has the treats!