Delivery FAQs & Conditions

Do you have questions about our delivery service? Here are our most frequently asked questions and condition. If you have any other questions, please contact us!

You can place your order anytime, even multiple days in advance if you'd like. Make sure you place your your order by 11:59pm on the night prior to your scheduled route day.

If your order is placed after 11:59pm on the night prior to your scheduled route day, it will not be on the route truck. It will come out the next week.

There is no minimum to receive an order from us. For example, if you want 1 bag of pine shavings and 1 small bag of chicken feed, a small delivery fee will be added to your order.

We accept many forms of payment such as:

  • All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and many others)
  • PayPal, PayPal Credit and PayPal Buy Now & Pay Later
  • Express Payment Options (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay)
  • Shop Pay & Shop Pay Installments

You used to take my check for my delivery, why can't you anymore? Our new point of sale system does not allow us to take checks online without verification or do "cash on delivery."

Pittsboro Feed used to offer in-house charge accounts, do you still offer that? We do not have that capability anymore. Our new point of sale system does not allow for that. We do accept payment options that have a "buy now, pay later" option such Shop Pay or PayPal.

There is a variable pricing scale to the delivery fee depending on how many dollars you spent and which zone your farm is located in. Click here to find it.

Our delivery fee includes a weekly text reminder, weekly delivery to your barn and unloading & hand stacking in the feed room.

Please leave your aisleways open because our delivery drivers use a hand cart to move your feed and they are not able to move your vehicles, supplies, tack, feed or etc.

*For the safety of our drivers and your animals, we will not drive through pastures or gates where there are dogs or farm animals present. Please put them up the day of your delivery.*

Please contact us before your first order with your tax exempt number, so we can get it applied to your account.

We are not able to adjust your scheduled route day because it's based on your location and volume of deliveries.

Multiple people can order from one barn, but the delivery fee cannot be split on one ticket. You can put everyone's order on one then split it between yourselves.

If each person wants to use their own credit card/payment on our website, there will be a fee charged to each person who places an order.

You have a few a options:

  1. You can combine all orders into one order and pay for it with your credit card then collect the payment from each boarder.
  2. We can add each boarder to our delivery texting reminder service and they can place their own order on our website with their preferred payment.
  3. You can place an order for each boarder using their credit card as needed.

You do not have to be present for your delivery. Make sure to leave us detailed instructions under the "delivery note" section on your first order.

Please have a secondary location ready for delivery if the primary location is able to get wet on rainy days.

Yes, of course! There are a couple of stipulations though:

1. We need to be able to pull up to the barn or garage door where you would like us to put your feed. We will not walk from one end of the barn to the other end.

2. Our vehicles do not have four wheel drive, so if we think we are going to get stuck we will not drive on your grass or in your pasture.

3. For the safety of our drivers and your animals, we will not drive through pastures or gates where there are dogs or farm animals present. Please put them up the day of your delivery.

4. For the safety of our drivers, we will not be able to put hay, feed or supplies in a loft.

We have many stops throughout the day and we are not able to give an exact time. Your delivery will be made on your scheduled route day between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.

We are closed on all major holidays such as: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We will contact you in advance in regards to your delivery to let you know our delivery schedule.

  • New Years Eve 12/31/2022 - Saturday
  • New Years Day 1/1/2023 - Sunday. We will be delivering on our normal schedule.
  • Memorial Day 5/29/2023 - Monday. All deliveries will be pushed one day back (ex. Monday will be delivered on Tuesday and etc.)
  • Independence Day 7/4/2023 - Tuesday. Our Monday route day will stay the same, but Tuesday route day will be delayed one day and delivered on Wednesday (please plan accordingly). All other days will stay the same.
  • Labor Day 9/4/2023 - Monday. Our Monday route day will be delivered on Tuesday (please plan accordingly). The Tuesday route day will be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday. All other days will stay the same.
  • Thanksgiving Day 11/23/2023 - Thursday. Our Monday-Wednesday route day will stay the same, but Thursday scheduled routes will be delivered on Wednesday and Friday (please plan accordingly.
  • Christmas Eve 12/24/2023 - Sunday
  • Christmas Day 12/25/2023 - Monday. Our Monday route day will be delivered on Tuesday (please plan accordingly). The Tuesday route day will be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday. All other days will stay the same.
  • New Years Eve 12/31/2023 - Sunday
  • New Years Day 1/1/2024 - Monday. Our Monday route day will be delivered on Tuesday (please plan accordingly). The Tuesday route day will be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday. All other days will stay the same.

We can deliver up to 120 bags of feed, 150 bales of hay, 160 bags of pine shavings or a combination of those. Please contact us if you have any questions before placing your order.

For the safety of our drivers, we are not able to put hay, feed or any supplies into a loft.

Yes, of course! Our trucks are enclosed so your delivery will stay dry. Please make accommodations so that your delivery will not get wet when we drop it off.

We will be in contact with you if you have already placed an order to make arrangements. We will deliver to you either prior to your delivery day or when the conditions become safe for us to make it out to your farm.

Unfortunately, we are not able to fit you on the truck since all of our route days are scheduled by volume and trucks that drive by your house may be full at the time.

You can always schedule an off-day delivery with us for an additional surcharge.

Please contact us immediately if you are in need of a delivery at (919) 542-2454.

We require all orders to be placed by 11:59pm the night before your delivery. If you miss the cut off day, we can still deliver out to your farm but there will be an added surcharge on top the delivery fee.

  • Zone 1: $20
  • Zone 2: $25
  • Zone 3: $30

Please contact us if you are in need of a delivery outside of your route day at (919) 542-2454.

Unfortunately, we are not able to price match at this current time. We do have a Savings page that can help you save money that the big box stores cannot.

We kindly remind you to review your order for the week and ensure that all desired items have been included. In the event that you have overlooked an item and there is still time prior to your order deadline, please place a second order but utilize the code ADDITIONAL-DELIVERY during checkout to save on the delivery fee.

However, please note that should it come to our attention that the code has been used in error, resulting in a waived delivery fee, we will be unable to fulfill the order.

If you would like to place an order for pet supplies, please head on over to our sister store's website, Pittsboro Pet Supply.

Place your order the exact same way you on Pittsboro Feed's website EXCEPT at checkout please use the "Local Pickup" option and add a note in the delivery on your order to be added to your feed store order.

Please message us as soon as possible and we will set up a return and pick it up on our next delivery out to your farm. The product must be unused and in sellable condition. The return must be setup within 30 days of purchase.

We completely understand that your horse may not like our hay.

  • If the bale is moldy and we delivered it, we will exchange it for free.
  • If your horse is picky and you have already opened the bale, we unfortunately cannot pick it up and return it (the bales must be in sellable condition).
  • If there are unopened bales of hay at your farm that we delivered that you would like to return, there will be a restocking fee or you can bring it back to Pittsboro Feed for free.

We do recommend you come out to the store and take a look at the hay and take a bale home with you and try it out then stock up. We do sell about 700 bales of hay a week so from week to week the hay may vary.

The black mini plastic pallets are the property of Pittsboro Feed. Our delivery drivers use them to cart the feed around and keep the feed from touching the ground. Our drivers rotate from week to week with your deliveries. The drivers are required to bring them back to Pittsboro Feed.

If the drivers find that the black mini plastic pallets are not easily accessible or being used somewhere else in the barn you are subject to an $8 fee for each one not returned.

We are so sorry for all the phone numbers that we use at Pittsboro Feed, but there are three different uses:

  • (919) 542-2454: This phone number is our main landline into our brick & mortar store. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to text from this phone number yet.
  • (919) 213-0298: This is our delivery confirmation and texting number. If you have any questions, but do not have time to call feel free to text this number and we can answer any of your questions. Also, after our delivery drivers make your delivery you will receive a text/picture confirming your delivery was made from this number. You may also call this number and it will ring directly into the store.
  • (564) 333-2046: We utilize a service from Purina called Barn Steward and this is how we send out the weekly text reminders, you cannot call or text this number because it is not monitored by anyone at Pittsboro Feed. Do not block this number because you will not be able to receive our reminders anymore.

Other phone numbers:

  • (919) 444-4164: formerly The Feed Store of North Carolina. This phone number is no longer monitored. Please call Pittsboro Feed's main phone (919) 542-2454 to have all your questions answered.
  • Pittsboro Feed delivery drivers have cell phones number that you may receive a phone call if there is a question. There are a few different numbers.

Our texting reminder system will send you a text message two days in advance and a text message one day prior regardless if you have or haven’t placed an order with us.