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Essential K® is a low sugar/starch (NSC), no added iron ration balancer designed to be fed to easy-keeping or overweight horses, or used as a top-dress with any other Tribute® feed to provide additional vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids to support performance or enhance topline. This ration balancer is ideal for horses consuming hay or pasture that is 50% or less alfalfa (or other legumes). If feeding hay or pasture that is 50% or more alfalfa, check out Alfa Essentials®. Essential K® is formulated with pre- and probiotics to support your horse’s digestive health.

  • Low sugar/starch (NSC) for horses with metabolic disorders and sensitivities.
  • A low feeding rate keeps calorie intake low for overweight and easy-keeping horses.
  • A low cost method of supplying essential nutrients.

Additional Information

  • Protein - 28.00%
  • Fat - 6.00%
  • Fiber - 6.50%

Click here to view Essential K on Tribute's website to learn more