Tribute Equine 12:8 Mineral Horse Supplement

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A Non-GMO Project Verified vitamin and mineral supplement for any horse consuming grass or grass mixed hay.

Equine 12-8 Mineral is a non-GMO mineral supplement designed to balance the diets of horses consuming grass or mixed grass hay. Whether fed free-choice or at a fixed rate of 4 oz daily, it offers your horse a source of organic trace minerals, generous levels of vitamins, higher levels of antioxidants Vitamin E and selenium, as well as biotin.

  • Fortified with organic trace minerals to support bone and tissue growth and exercise recovery
  • Offers higher levels of Vitamin E, a highly effective antioxidant, and other vitamins.
  • Added biotin for hoof health.

Click here to view 12:8 Equine Mineral on Tribute's website to learn more