Single Door Cage / Live Trap

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Size: 16x6x6

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Having trouble with a skunk, raccoon or opossum, these one-door trap are a humane solution for trapping live animals. Offering safety features for you and the animal, this all-metal trap is made in the USA and designed, tested and used by professional trappers. It's perfect for capturing and removing the most common nuisance animals in North America. This trap is designed by trapping experts to be the most effective, reliable and durable trap of its kind. It is carefully constructed with a fine-tuned tripping mechanism that specially targets heavier critters, such as cats and raccoons to eliminate false triggers. The powerful trap door also ensures quick, secure captures.

  • 10x3x3 - Mouse
  • 16x6x6 - Chipmunk
  • 24x7x7 - Squirrel
  • 26x9x9 - Skunk
  • 28x12x12 - Feral Cat
  • 30x12x12 - Opossum
  • 32x10x12 - Raccoon
  • 36x15x14 - Bobcat

* These may vary between Duke and Havahart brands due to availability and pricing.