Rooster Booster Vitamins & Electrolytes Lacto Bacillus Poultry Supplement

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The Rooster Booster Vitamins & Electrolytes w/ Lacto Bacillus Poultry Supplement can help to keep your flock healthy and happy. This supplement helps to give your chicks a healthy start to life, and if your birds are looking a bit peckish, it can help to support them in times of stress. It offers balanced nutrition and contains a high level of probiotics to help prevent and treat diarrhea. The included electrolytes support water consumption, a valuable benefit during temperature fluctuations. It also supports healthy gut flora and boosts the immune system. You can mix this supplement into your feathered friends’ drinking water for easy feeding.

  • Balanced nutritional supplement supports chicks and adult birds.
  • Electrolytes help to increase water consumption during temperature fluctuations.
  • Probiotics support healthy gut flora and may prevent and treat diarrhea.
  • May help to boost birds’ immune systems for improved health.
  • Offers health support during times of stress.