Redmond Horse Electrolyte Tube

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Size: 40cc

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Electrolytes play a critical role in horse hydration—but they’re also involved in nearly every other physiological function! Keep your horse hydrated, improve energy levels, and boost performance with fast-acting Redmond Electrolyte. It triggers your horse’s thirst while rapidly replenishing equine electrolytes lost through heat, sweat, exertion, or nervousness. Electrolyte paste is safe and recommended for horses in every discipline.

  • Redmond Electrolyte is formulated by and sourced from nature. It provides the right electrolytes in the right ratios to keep your horse healthy and hydrated.
  • 60+ other essential trace minerals also help nourish and naturally balance your horse.
  • Added vitamins A, B, D, and E support overall horse health, mood, and vitality.
  • Critical equine electrolytes trigger your horse’s thirst response and encourage drinking. Always ensure your horse has access to fresh water when feeding Electrolyte paste.
  • Targeted formula of electrolytes and vitamins for horses support strong energy levels and performance.
  • Metered syringe is great for traveling, trail-riding, and administering on the go. Plus, horses love the natural peppermint taste!