Purina Accuration Hi-Fat Cattle Tub

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Size: 200#

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A premium, weather-resistant, protein block with Intake Modifying Technology®, formulated with a higher level of fat that is designed to provide additional energy to balance nutrient deficiencies in poor quality forages or for cattle lacking energy in their diet. 

  • Contains 10% fat - Formulated to provide additional energy to cattle on poor quality forage or lacking energy in the diet. Helps maintain body optimal body condition and performance.
  • Specially formulated for cattle consuming fair or poor quality forage - Balances deficiencies in fair or poor quality pasture or hay to improve forage utilization and optimize animal performance. 
  • Available in block or tub form - Convenient to feed, allowing feeding location to be varied in order to encourage more uniform consumption of the available forage.
  • Designed for self-feeding - Utilizes proprietary Intake Modifying Technology® that results in controlled consumption of multiple meals of supplement per day.

Additional Information

  • Protein - 25.00%
  • Fat - 10.00%
  • Fiber - 3.00%

    Click here to view Accuration Hi-Fat Tub on Purina's website to learn more