Nutrena SafeChoice All Life Stages Horse Feed

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Formerly known as Nutrena Safe Choice Original Horse Feed. Same brand and feed, just in a new bag with a new name. Over the coming weeks, you will be seeing the bag change from the matte brown to now a glossy brown!

Nutrena Safe Choice All Life Stages is a controlled starch formula for all ages and activity levels that is nutritionally balanced with organic trace minerals to support skin, hair coat and hoof quality, Topline Balance® to support topline health and muscle, Nutri-Bloom Advantage® for easier nutrient absorption, and Digestive Shield for complete gut and immune health. You can trust SafeChoice All Life Stages to provide whole horse nutrition to every horse in your barn.

  • Digestive Shield supports your horse's gut and immune health with our precise blend of controlled starch, pre + pro + postbiotics, and calcite 
  • Nutrena's Topline Balance® includes a specific amino acid profile to help support healthy topline for proper muscling and core strength
  • Nutri-Bloom Advantage® for easier nutrient absorption and up to 15% more fiber digestion 
  • A taste horses love with guaranteed maximum starch and sugar levels
  • Organic trace minerals support immune health and improve skin, hair coat and hoof quality
  • Calcite buffers stomach pH and supports gastric health

Additional Information

  • Protein - 14.00%
  • Fat - 8.00%
  • Fiber - 15.00%

Click here to visit SafeChoice All Life Stages on Nutrena's website to learn more and view guaranteed analysis