Mazuri Tortoise LS Diets 5E5L

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Size: 25#

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This is a special order product from Purina & Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition and must be prepaid. The lead time is 3-4 weeks from the time of order. We will call you immediately once the product has arrived if you choose to pick the product up in-store or will deliver the products on the next scheduled route day in your area.

Food so delicious your tortoise will come running. Put your mealtime worries behind you – our low-starch pellets contain the optimal nutrition tortoises need to support eye, skin, GI tract health, and normal growth. And with a flavor your tortoise will love, you know they’ll be healthy and happy.
Best Fed To: Mazuri® Low Starch Tortoise food is best for arid-zone and grassland herbivorous tortoises and lizards such as the Aldabra, African Spurred/Sulcata, Desert, Egyptian, Galapagos, Gopher, Greek, Leopard, Pancake, Radiated or Yellow-Footed tortoise, as well as Chuckwalla and Uromastyx lizards.
  • High fiber and low starch levels - Timothy grass hay is the first ingredient.
  • Contains vitamin A and vitamin E - For eye and skin health.
  • Natural source antioxidants – No ethoxyquin.
  • Contains live probiotics - Supports gastrointestinal function.
  • No artificial colors.
  • Product Form: Extruded pellet: 1/4" x 1/2" length.
  • SKU: 3002770-703
  • Formula Number: 5E5L
Additional Information
  • Protein - 12.00%
  • Fat - 4.00%
  • Fiber - 18.00%