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KOOP CLEAN chicken bedding is an all-natural, quality chicken bedding is specially formulated using only ingredients from the earth, consisting of chopped blend of hay and straw, combined with the unique order neutralizing ingredient Sweet PDZ. Zeolite Absorbs 60% Of Its Weight. KOOP CLEAN and Sweet PDZ come together to help reduce moisture in your coop.  Sweet PDZ captures, neutralizes and eliminates harmful ammonia and odors. It does this with its natural chemistry, leaving you with a happy flock and a fresh, dry coop all year round.

  • Combination of Zeolite and Sweet PDZ makes it more absorbent than traditional straw or shavings
  • Uniquely formulated with Sweet PDZ to eliminate smell
  • Acts as a great insulator helping to keep their body heat in and the cold weather out
  • The hay and straw base is chopped, making putting down and cleaning up a breeze leaving a layer of bedding that chickens can till through, helping to rotate the bedding in between cleanings
  • The nutrient-rich ingredients in this bedding makes coop waste a great addition to your garden