Happy Hen EZ Poultry Leg Bands

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Size: Small

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These bands make identification a snap. Use these write on EZ Leg Bands to document the age, bloodline, and broodiness of your chickens. Perfect for poultry shows, fairs, exhibitions, or coop sweet coop.
  • Size Small - Fits most standard breed chickens around 2 weeks of age as well as full grown Bantam breeds, pheasants, and large pigeons.
  • Size Medium - Typically fits Ancona, Araucana, Faverolle, Fayoumi, Hamburg, Lakenvelder, Leghorn, Mille Fleur, Polish, Silkie hens.
  • Size Large - Typically fits Ameraucana, Andalusian, Australorp, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, Cochin, Cornish, Frizzle-Feather Legged, Jersey Giant, New Hampshire Red, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Welsummer, and Wyandotte hens.
Directions: Open band and place around bird's leg. Firmly close the band at opening until you hear a "click". Before band become tight replace with a larger size. To remove, squeeze band until connected ends release or slide connected ends in opposite directions.

Note: Sizing is based on female birds only, males may require larger size. Sizing is a guide only. Remove leg bands from growing birds if bands become tight. Bands should fit loosely enough to move freely on the leg.