GastroEase EQ Advanced Digestive Support Pellets

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Your search for optimal gastric support stops with GastroEase EQ™ Advanced Pellets. No more feeding multiple products to achieve “perfect” digestive maintenance.

GastroEase EQ™ Advanced Pellets have everything your horse needs to maintain optimal digestion and absorption, while promoting gastric tissue integrity in horses prone to ulcers.

It also includes ingredients known to help control the factors contributed to colic and diarrhea.

  • GastroEase EQ™ supplies acid neutralizers and soothing agents for gastric lining support.
  • Includes a potent variety of probiotics for the GI flora and prebiotics that help with hindgut functions.
  • Supports the protection and healing of at-risk gastrointestinal tissue from the stomach to the hindgut.
  • Includes psyllium husk for optimum hindgut function.
  • Supplies omega-3 fatty acids to fortify gastric tissue
  • Offered in pellets for maintenance or paste for targeted use.
  • May be used alongside GastroGard® and UlcerGard® when necessary, and is the ideal formula for daily maintenance.
  • Contains no prohibited substances.

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* People also refer to this as PerfectPrep or Perfect Prep Products