Exhibitor's Quic Silver Whitening & Intensifier Shampoo

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Help your neighing neighbor get the look she wants with Exhibitor’s Quic Silver Pet Shampoo! This wash is formulated to change the way light interacts with every hair shaft on your horse’s mane, tail and coat. It’s designed for horses with gray, albino, palomino and cream coats, bringing out their natural silvery and golden highlights. While it intensifies the color, it also delivers a deep clean for a soft, shiny, smooth finish. And it’s made without harsh chemicals or bleaches, rinses out easily and also doubles as an excellent stain remover!

  • Enhances the natural color of your horse’s coat, mane and tail.
  • Can be used on gray, albino, palomino and cream coats.
  • Delivers a deep clean, resulting in a silky-smooth finish.
  • Creates dramatic silvery and golden highlights, depending on your horse’s natural coat color, and optically changes the way light interacts with each hair shaft.
  • 100% free from harsh chemicals and bleaches.