Tribute Ultra GH Gastric Supplement

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Do you have a harder-keeping, performance horse prone to digestive upset, including colic and ulcers? The combination of support for the stomach and hindgut in Ultra GH® makes it the ideal choice to support gastro-intestinal health for horses that are under the stress of travel and competition. This feed is formulated with prebiotics, probiotics, organic minerals and direct-fed microbials. These gut health-supporting ingredients promote a healthy stomach lining, gastric integrity (especially during times of stress), total diet digestibility and overall gut health.

  • Formulated with stomach and hindgut-supporting ingredients for horses prone to digestive challenges.
  • Higher fat levels and quality fiber sources support sustained energy and harder-keepers.
  • Targeted nutrient fortification supports faster exercise recovery.

Additional Information

  • Protein - 12.00%
  • Fat - 8.00%
  • Fiber - 12.00%

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