Redmond Rock on a Rope

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Size: 3-5# Rope

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Looking for a more versatile salt lick for your horse? It doesn't always make sense to keep your horse's salt lick on the ground. Redmond Rock on a Rope provides the same trace minerals and equine electrolytes as original Redmond Rock—but on a handy rope.

  • Redmond Rock contains 60 + trace minerals to nourish and naturally balance your horse.
  • Contains essential electrolytes that encourage your horse to drink more.
  • A tri-colored rope makes it easy to tie our rock to a gate, stall, barn, or fence post.
  • Take it in your trailer. Our 3-5 pound rock is great when on-the-go and using in tight spaces.
  • Use it as a healthy alternative to candy balls to keep horses occupied.
  • Our solid rock holds up better in wet weather and humidity than manufactured pressed salt blocks.