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Complete and balanced 32%- protein, extruded, multi-particle size product designed to be fed to a wide variety of fish species and wide range of sizes of fish.  Purina® Game Fish Chow® feed is rich in nutrients essential for optimal fish growth, reproduction and overall health. It works naturally with everyday food sources in your water to address poor nutrition, which is the most significant limiting factor in the size and health of forage fish.

  • Complete and balanced nutrition - Ideal for a variety of fish species
  • Evaluate the health of your fish and ensure the correct feeding amount - Floating particles help bring your fish to the surface. This allows you to evaluate their size and health and make sure you are not over- or under-feeding them.
  • Feeds a wide variety of fish species and sizes - By providing various particle sizes, your fish are sure to find one that will fit the size of their mouth. This allows you to provide top nutrition for the many types, sizes and ages of fish in your water - all with the same bag of feed.
  • Fish meal and an attractant - High palatability for quick, consistent feed consumption. Strong Fish attract. 
  • Floating diet - Makes it easy to visually manage feeding - less waste and designed to improve water quality
  • High-quality protein - 32% high-Quality Protein
  • Improves growth of forage fish - 1 lb of Weight Gain per 2 lb Consumed
  • Larger, heavier and more numerous game fish - As forage fish become larger, they become a better food source. With a better food source, your bass can become much larger, heavier and more numerous.
  • More cost-effective than stocking fingerlings every year - Feeding Game Fish Chow® feed to your forage fish can cost less than feeding stocked fingerlings to your bass every year. Economical.
  • Multi-size particles - Three particle sizes attract both large and small fish species
  • Optimal digestibility - Extruded particles are “cooked” during the manufacturing process. Because fish have very simple digestive systems, these pre-cooked particles can allow for optimal digestibility
  • Research has shown that with supplemental feeding ponds stay healthy and sustainable while fish grow big and fast. Ponds which naturally sustain a stocking population of 500 bluegills and 50 bass per acre can easily sustain 1,000 bluegills and 100 bass per acre with supplemental feeding. This remarkable difference is due in part to the fact that supplemental feeding affects a pond’s entire food chain.
  • Top growth and overall health - High levels of top-quality protein ensure your fish receive the optimum nutrition they need to achieve their genetic potential for growth and health
  • Top palatability - A strong fish attractant can result in optimum feed intake

Additional Information

  • Protein - 32.00%
  • Fat - 3.00%
  • Fiber - 6.00%

Click here to visit Game Fish Chow on Purina Mill's website to learn more