Lifeline Protect Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Dairy & Beef Calves

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Count on LIFELINE Protect to help nutritionally support newborn calves facing environmental challenges. Protect can be fed before colostrum to beef calves that may not have nursed, or after colostrum to beef and dairy calves that didn't receive enough maternal colostrum. A single feeding provides 50 grams of globulin protein to help bridge a calf's nutritional needs. Protect is the only colostrum supplement formulated with 20% added fat plus carbohydrates for extra energy. Protect provides 50 grams of globulin protein in a single feeding and is designed to reduce variation in maternal colostrum. Produced from high-quality, nutrient-rich plasma. Mixes fast, performs great!

  • Easy mixing: Serum-based formula mixes smooth in under a minute
  • Consistent performance: Quickly see lively, vibrant calves
  • Peace of mind: Certainty your calves receive the nutrition they need now for better results later

Ready at a moment's notice Anyone in your operation can quickly learn to use Protect. Simply add one bag of Protect to 1.5 quarts of warm water and stir well with a whisk. Bottle feed the entire mixture in a single feeding as soon as possible following birth.