Durasole Thrush Hoof Supplement

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Durasole adds protection to your horse's sensitive hooves by hardening the exfoliating sole and frog. Durasole sole dressing swells and thickens the cell membranes to create a tougher surface. This helps the horse feel more comfortable while in work, in pasture, or out on the trail.

  • Aldehyde based
  • Does not contain copper napthenate
  • Non-drying
  • Concentrated
  • 4oz bottle

Aldehyde-based Durasole does not contain copper napthenate or essential oils and will not affect the moisture balance of the hoof. It can be used for extended periods of time, making it highly beneficial for thin-soled horses. Horse owners have been using Durasole for over forty years and its proven formula has helped rodeo competition horses, polo ponies, show horses, and trail horses alike. Durasole sole dressing is highly concentrated so just few drops per use are all you need.