Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray

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Clearzone has become a staple in the rural market as an excellent all-purpose flying insect spray. Great for barns, stables or anywhere that flies congregate, it combines a fast-acting knockdown insecticide, a synergist and a residual. This gives the advantage of fast relief from flies, with the added benefit of hours of repellency. It can be used to spray over horses and other (non-lactating) animals to afford riders relief from flies while around their horses. This is one of our best-selling products in other parts of the US for rural retailers.
  • Kills flies, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, and many other pests
  • Spray directly on pests or apply as fog for large areas
  • Repels insects for hours
  • Professional formulation Combines Fast acting Pyrethrin with Permethrin for high performance.
  • Fast knockdown active ingredients with residual activity
  • For use on dairy farms, milking parlors, Homes, Barns, Stables (including on animal uses), Commercial buildings, Campgrounds
  • 20 ounce spray can