Antler King Rack Maker Deer Feed

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Size: 40#

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Antler King®’s RACKMAKER® is a nutritious feed that works in both gravity and spin-cast type feeders. RACKMAKER®’s highly palatable pellets and corn are coated with a premium blend of soybean oil and molasses for added fat and maximum appeal. RACKMAKER® also includes roasted soybeans and black oil sunflower seeds, to provide a higher fat content, which is important during rut and the colder winter months. This tasty mix contains Amp™, our proprietary digestive health supplement, to help improve digestive efficiency and immune function. Use year round for best results.

  • Pellets and corn are coated with soybean oil (for greater fat content) and molasses (for attraction)
  • Use year around
  • Contains Amp™ – a proprietary digestive health supplement to help promote digestive efficiency and immune function
  • Works great in both gravity and spin-cast type feeders

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