Located in the Pittsboro, NC area, Pittsboro Feed is large enough to supply your needs, small enough to provide great service! Same family, same location since 2005.


1103 East Street

Pittsboro, NC 27312



Monday - Friday: 8am to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 3pm

Sunday: Closed

The Feed Crew
David Miller

David has always worked in the world of agriculture.  ALWAYS. He started at the very young age of working on his grandparents farm.  Grandpa Geil was always boasting of his extreme hay stacking skills. (No favoritism there).  He worked late evening hours after his regular job plowing fields preparing them for planting. The majority of his time was spent at Rochester Elevator which he started at the age of 18.  It was at that job that Lawrence Smith kindly suggested that he should “spread his wings” and go out on his own. With much support and guidance from Lawrence that is what they did. Highland Feed was purchased in 1992.  After many Michigan winters Christine and David decided to move south, Pittsboro Feed was purchased in 2005. Fun fact about David, he has never ever been interviewed for a job, and if you come in for a visit, ask him about his hats.

Christine Miller

Christine has been in love with agriculture since the age of 8.  One would think that it is not possible for one to know at that age, but she would kindly disagree.  Christine’s father took her to their local “feed store” when she was just a young girl to get rabbit pellets for her pet bunny.  The smell, the environment, and the lifestyle is one she never forgot. Fast forward to her desire to work in the agricultural industry, times were different back then.  She ended up graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Elevator and Farm Supply. During her college internship at Oxford Cooperative Elevator she met David, and knew from day one that he was the one.  After getting married they decided to purchase Highland Feed in Michigan in 1992. Tired of the cold Michigan winters they decided to move south but continue what they loved. Pittsboro Feed was purchased in 2005, and continues to thrive with the help of their now grown children and the best staff around.

Kara Holland

Kara (Miller) Holland is the oldest of the Miller children.  Since the age of 2 ½ Kara has been in the feed business. Being a child in the feed business leads to more fun than a regular playground.  Rides on feed carts, hiding in the center of pallets of feed even taking naps on bags of horse feed was the norm. Fast forward to married Kara.  She met her husband Peyton at Pittsboro Feed (ask her about that one day, be prepared to need a tissue, it is a romantic story). Currently Kara runs Pittsboro Pet Supply our other store, but still is sought after for counsel in regards to purchasing most of the cute stuff currently in Pittsboro Feed.

Josh Miller

Joshua!  Josh was 8 weeks old when Highland Feed was purchased.  This is a boys dream place to grow up. Before baby walkers with wheels were deemed unsafe, Josh had the run of the store with his.  He was a terror. Vivid memories were of him sitting in that walker totally destroying the seed rack. Josh has always been the “entrepreneur” of the family.  He made it his mission one summer to sell “peacock” feathers. You would see customers walking out of the store carrying those peacock feathers. .25 each. Ask him, he remembers!  Josh works on the “feed” side of the family business, but also helps with the “technical” side of Pittsboro Pet Supply.

Katherine Miller

Katherine.  The last of the Miller children has just graduated with a Bachelor's degree in crop production from NCSU.  She is continuing her education at the University of Arkansas getting her masters degree in Outdoor Recreation.  You see her most when she is on breaks from school. She literally was was “born” into the business. Since it is a family business that needs to be run, you would see her mom Christine hand her off to a customer as a baby when something needed to be loaded.   At Highland Feed she even learned to ride her tricycle down the isles of feed. Thank goodness for old wooden floors.


Stella, Josh’s dog is Ms. Personality.  She is a rescue from Farm Friends Rescue.  If you see Stella at the store, you will most likely see Josh.  Stella loves Josh, Josh loves Stella (Ok, who are we kidding, we all love Stella).


Nahla, our store kitty.  Nahla came to us as a stray.  Timid would be putting it mildly.  She was a young kitten. I am not even sure where she came from, she just…..came.  Nahla has been a store fixture for the last 13 years or so. In those 13 years I believe she might have caught 1, yes I said 1 mouse.  Nevermind, I don’t think she has even done that. Her role in life is to entertain and greet customers. Basically she owns Pittsboro Feed.