Purina Layena Pearls Chicken Feed

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Size: 25#

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Purina Layena Pearls Extruded Layer feed provides the optimal combination of nutrients laying hens need to stay healthy in a highly digestible, bite-sized pearl. Infused with our exclusive Oyster Strong® System it helps ensure laying hens receive a consistent supply of calcium through a blend of oyster shell, vitamin D and manganese. The Oyster Strong® System brings all three together to help your hens make strong, healthy eggshells.

  • Contains 16% protein and the Oyster Strong® System - Proper levels of vitamins, plus oyster shell for strong shells
  • Highly digestible pearl for optimal nutrient absorption - Helps support overall bird health and egg production
  • Bite-sized to minimize feed loss - Helps your entire flock get the proper nutrition they need
  • No added antibiotics or hormones - Federal regulations prohibit use of added hormones

    Additional Information

    • Protein - 16.00%
    • Fat - 2.50%
    • Fiber - 6.50%

    Click here to visit Layena Pearls on Purina's website to learn more

    * This is also called Purina chicken laying feed, chicken laying mash or laying hen mash or egg layer *