Propane Refills & Exchanges

We offer an in-store propane refill for your grill tank cylinders. Also, we fill 20#, 30#, 40#, 100# and forklift tank cylinders. If your cylinder is not expired, we can fill it!

If your grill tank or 20# cylinder is expired, we do offer an exchange or you are able to purchase a tank outright.

Outdoor Living

Do you love the art of grilling and smoking different types of meat? If so, we have you covered with the Primo Grills! They are made here in the USA. With their patented design of the oval shaped grill you have so many more options than you do with their competitors. Check out our social media profiles or come into the store to see "What's Cooking on the Primo?"

We have all sorts of selection including, but not limited to:

  • Primo XL 400

  • Primo LG 300

  • Primo Kamando

  • Primo Heat Deflector Plate

  • Primo Searing Grate

  • Primo Tools

  • Primo Lump Wood Charcoal

  • Primo Grill Covers

  • Primo Grill Carts

  • Primo Ceramic Pizza Plate

  • Primo Cast Iron Plate

Pool Supplies

If you have a pool and live in Pittsboro, Triangle or Piedmont areas, Pittsboro Feed is your one stop shop for pool supplies! Bring in a sample of your water for us to test and give you the best recommendation. Here is a list of the supplies and accessories we do carry in store:

When it comes to pool chemicals have all sorts of selection including, but not limited to:

  • Algaecides

  • Enhancers

  • Oxidizers

  • Troubleshooters

  • Balancers

  • Sanitizers

  • Liquid and Granular Shocks

  • Refresh (well chlorination)

We have many pool accessories such as:

  • Swim Goggles

  • Chlorine Dispensers

  • Water Test Kits

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Vacuums


Keeping your friends and family happy with parties and heat. We carry the best locally cut and seasoned firewood in the Triangle area. All of the hardwood that we sell for firewood comes from our state!

We give you many options to purchase:

  • Small Bundle

  • 1/8 Face Cord

  • 1/4 Face Cord 

  • 1/2 Face Cord 

  • Full Face Cord