Horse Tack, Supplies and Accessories

We have all sorts of horse people at Pittsboro Feed. Several of our employees have owned horses, so we can answer of a lot of your questions from the very basic to the more advanced. We take pride in educating our customers, so feel free to ask questions if you’re new to raising horses. We have horse equipment for different disciplines and training levels to match any budget. We also have riding equipment including halters, brushes, buckets, clippers/blades, and various other training equipment.

Horse Wormers

Your horse’s health is extremely important to you (which makes it important to us!), so we have everything your horse needs to stay healthy and happy. If your horse has parasites, such as roundworm, strongyles or tapeworms, we have all the horse wormers you need. Horses need different types of wormers throughout the year, and you should be rotating which wormers you are using depending on the season and the climate.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop in.

Horse Supplements

Horses have health issues too. Sometimes your horse gets stiff, maybe they need a little extra shine to their coat, need help with putting on weight and sometimes your horse just needs an extra bit of nutrition. We have supplements for your horse’s joint health, supplements to calm your horse down, hoof supplements, and more. Horse vitamins can be a great way to make sure that your horse is getting all the nutrition they need! We have some of the top brands of supplements, including those made specifically for horses in the Southeast.

Horse Blankets

Even though the North Carolina winters are mild, your horses will be stuck outside in the cold. You’re probably not going to bring them inside the house, so do the next best thing and pick up one of our winter turnout blankets. They come in different sizes, we can help you measure your horse. The easiest way to measure a horse is to take a piece of twine and run it down from its tail to the middle of their chest.

Horse Grains & Feed

There are so many different horse grains for so many different horses, whether that is their age level or their activity level. Horses can have health issues, so we carry many different specialty grains. Most people inside the store have gone to a Purina, Tribute, Triple Crown or Nutrena training session, so our employees will be able to tell you which grain is right for your horse.


Feeds That We Stock In-Store

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Brands That We Carry

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